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Is your facility prepared for a fire?

Fires in the workplace are never an expected event, but a facility needs to be prepared in case of one. An uncontrolled fire can result in fatalities, injuries, and serious damage. For worker’s safety, it is wise to take preven...

Arc Flash Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

If there is electrical energy in your industrial or production facility, the danger of arc flash is present. Arc flashes are a highly dangerous, even fatal, type of electrical hazard. An arc flash is part of an arc fault and cr...

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Safety Products
Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer
Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer
Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer

Pure Hold Hygiene Handle Reduces Spread of Germs in the Workplace

Pure Hold's Hygiene Handle dispenses hand sanitizer whenever someone pulls open a door, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Floor Marking Tape
Floor Marking Tape
Floor Marking Tape

Basketball Courts – A Creative Use for Floor Marking Tape

We’ve discussed the applications for floor marking tape at industrial worksites before, since floor-marking products allow workplaces to improve communication, organize space and increase safety.  Today we want to share one fac...