OSHA Update: Worker Safety in Hospitals


If someone was to ask you which line of work is more likely to result in injury or illness resulting from days away from work and your choices were construction, manufacturing, or hospitals, chances are one of the first two would be your choice. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s hospitals. Worker … Read moreOSHA Update: Worker Safety in Hospitals

Andon Lights and Signals: What you Need to Know

Andon lights or lanterns hanging

What is an Andon Light? Long before the time when we could just flip a switch and light a room, the Japanese term Andon, simply meant paper lantern or signal light. Today, Lean manufacturers everywhere use Andon systems as a visual management tool to quickly alert those who need to maintain or oversee a plant … Read moreAndon Lights and Signals: What you Need to Know

Safety Training Goals for 2014

As you assess your business’s potential for growth and increased safety for 2014, there are a number of areas you can evaluate before formulating an improvement plan. By fostering dialogue between different levels of your business, you can improve employee safety, reduce risk of accident and injuries, and diminish risks associated with your business. Below … Read moreSafety Training Goals for 2014