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Basketball Courts – A Creative Use for Floor Marking Tape

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Floor Marking Tape

We’ve discussed the applications for floor marking tape at industrial worksites before, since floor-marking products allow workplaces to improve communication, organize space and increase safety. 

Today we want to share one facility’s creative use for floor marking tape: making lines on a basketball court. The creator of the court used Smart Stripe Tape from Creative Safety Supply to mark the boundaries of the court, as well as the other court markings including the half court line, free throw line, center lane and even the curved three-point line. Take a look:

Floor Marking Tape, Smart Stripe Tape
Photo: David Hill


Floor Marking Tape
Photo: David Hill
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While this project highlights the versatility of products like floor marking tape, it also shows what can happen when you think creatively in the workplace. Looking for ways to continuously improve the workplace or implement lean manufacturing ideas can improve your business’ efficiency and productivity over time.

Perhaps there are ways you could use the safety tools you have in unique ways or find new tools that will help your facility function more effectively. You could try posting new visuals like safety signs to simplify communication or starting a new organizational system such as 5S. Or, like the person who created the basketball court, you could look at a workplace problem and seek new ways to solve it. In this case, rather than painting lines on the court, the director of this athletic facility decided to find alternatives. 

Looking for ways to improve your workplace? Read 9 Low-Tech Ways to Keep the Workplace Safe for ideas.

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