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5 Emergency Planning & Response Apps

safety apps, emergency response

4 min read New technologies continue to improve safety in the workplace, and many smartphone and tablet apps can increase safety by helping employees lift more safely, use ladders properly and take proper precautions in the heat. Safety managers and supervisors also have access to apps that can assess workplace hazards and provide information about OSHA or NFPA requirements. Additional … Read more

Hazardous Chemical Cleanup: Steps for Dealing with a Spill

Hazardous Chemicals, Spill, Cleanup

7 min read Despite your best efforts to avoid employee exposure to hazardous chemicals, if your company uses chemicals, it will likely experience a spill occasionally. According to OSHA estimates, 650,000 chemical products exist and 32 million workers may be exposed to chemical hazards. Because of the prevalence of chemicals in the workplace, spills happen and need to … Read more

Polygon Opens New Document Center

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2 min read     Polygon Press Release:     September 17, 2013 – Polygon, a leading property damage restoration and document recovery company has opened a new document center at their Fairfield, CA location. The new center will be overseen by Document Service Director, James Gilbert who has over 16 years in the document recovery industry. Joe … Read more

Mold 101

3 min read  Quick Mold Remediation is Crucial to Avoid Health Problems [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen people talk about the negative health effects of mold, it’s usually in the context of mold problems in and around the home. What many neglect, however, is the possibility of mold growth in the workplace. You may not smell the same musty scents at work, … Read more

Is Your Organization Ready When Disaster Strikes?

3 min read According to the Insurance Information Institute, 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen. When disaster strikes, consumers can only wait so long before moving on to another supplier or service provider if you are not able to get operational in time. Insurance might help to recover some of your loses, … Read more