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A Dozen Ways to Improve Workplace Safety…with Apps

4 min read There’s an app for almost everything, right? Well, workplace safety is no exception. Many smartphone and tablet applications exist that can make life on the job site easier and safer, even for employees working at a location far from headquarters. Need to look up information about hazardous chemicals? There’s an app for that. Need to … Read more

Is it Important to Invest in a Safety Manager?

4 min read When most people think of a safety manager, they visualize a large manufacturing facility with hundreds of workers and tons of equipment. However, safety hazards are just as likely in a smaller company or even within an office environment. When a company is operating on a shoe string budget or is just starting up, investing … Read more

Avoid Water Contamination From Poor Facility Plumbing Infrastructures

Water Tank valve with Pipe lines

4 min read Most of us remember the saying “A stitch in time saves nine”. This saying came to us from a time in life when people had to resort to repairing their own clothes due to the high cost of replacement, should a small rip turn into a larger one, due to ignoring the problem too long. … Read more