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Is your facility prepared for a fire?

2 min read Fires in the workplace are never an expected event, but a facility needs to be prepared in case of one. An uncontrolled fire can result in fatalities, injuries, and serious damage. For workers safety, it is wise to take preventative measures while you can, rather than being unprepared and have a fire result in a … Read more

Ageism Amongst Safety Professionals and Hiring Processes – An Exploration

4 min read What are your Thoughts on Ageism During the Hiring Process? Across LinkedIn’s various message boards, thousands of discussions get started every single day in an attempt to stir up interaction based around relevant workplace topics. While questions posed may be striking in their own right, discussion often tends to tail off after a few replies. … Read more

Labeling Powered Industrial Trucks—1910.178

Powered Industrial Trucks

4 min read Safety of Powered Industrial Trucks No matter what type of facility you’re operating in, the chances are good that there will be a variety of different powered industrial trucks that are being used. This could be anything from a small fork lift inside a warehouse to a large dump truck at a construction site. Despite … Read more

OSHA Creates Video Game for Hazard Identification

video game

3 min read Businesses owners, safety managers and workers may not always feel comfortable assessing hazards on the job site. Sometimes this is because hazards aren’t easy to see, employees may not feel adequately trained in hazard identification or correcting hazards can be expensive. To help solve this problem, OSHA has created a Hazard Identification Training Tool, which … Read more

Safety Training Goals for 2014

3 min read As you assess your business’s potential for growth and increased safety for 2014, there are a number of areas you can evaluate before formulating an improvement plan. By fostering dialogue between different levels of your business, you can improve employee safety, reduce risk of accident and injuries, and diminish risks associated with your business. Below … Read more

Training the Adult Mind

Brain - 3D illustration

4 min read Tell me, I’ll forget; show me, I’ll remember; involve me, I’ll understand The strange and beautiful mind Study after study has demonstrated that the human mind simply can not retain or learn forced information. Only the willing mind will accept and retain new information for the long haul. From birth to early adolescents our brain … Read more