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Combustible Dust Training

Combustible Dust Training Materials:

Combustible Dust: Safety and Injury Prevention Awareness

Combustible Dust- PPT

Combustible Dust Instruction Manual- PDF

Combustible Dust Quick Guide- DOC

Combustible Dust Explosion Hazard Awareness

Instructor Guide- PDF

Participant Manual- PDF

Module 0 Training Introduction and Orientation- PPT

Module 1 Combustible Dust Introduction- PPT

Module 2 Dust Control- PPT

Module 3 Ignition Control- PPT

Module 4 Support Systems- PPT

Module 5 Damage Control- PPT

Module 6 Facility Dust Assessment- PPT

Managing Combustible Dust Hazards in Die Casting Operations

Module 1: Preventing Dust Explosions- PPT

Module 2: Protecting Employees from Dust Explosions- PPT

Module 3 Aluminum Processing Operations- PPT

Module 4 Magnesium Processing Operations- PPT

Protecting Employees from Dust Explosions- PDF

Preventing Dust Explosions- PDF

Combustible Dust in the Timber Industry

Combustible Dust in the Timber Products Industry: A General Overview- PPT or PDF

Overview Combustible Dust Quiz: Awareness Level- PPT

Overview Combustible Dust Quiz: Management Level- PPT

Advanced Evaluation Techniques: Thermographic Imagery- PPT

Combustible Dust Inspection Checklist- XLS

Combustible Wood Dust Inspection Checklist- PDF

Combustible Dust Flowchart- PDF

Risks Associated with Combustible Dust Hazards

Dust Explosion Poster- PPT

Risks Associated with Combustible Dust Hazards- PPT

Hazards Related to Combustible Dust- DOC

Combustible Dust Quick Cards- DOC