Examining Common Causes Of workplace Accidents – Avoiding Bad Safety News

Understanding why workplace accidents take place is the first step towards preventing them. It is interesting to note that unsafe practices cause four times more accidents than unsafe work environments. Below are some of the reasons that may make receiving bad safety news a common thing in your organization.

Ignoring Safety Procedures

Safety rules are put in place for a reason and it is critical that they are followed as intended. Ignoring safety instructions or procedures puts all workers at risk. Employees should therefore be encouraged not take any safety rules casually. A casual attitude towards safety procedures is one of the leading causes of workplace accidents.

Lack Of Complete Instructions About A Task

It is very dangerous for any worker to just “wing it” and go ahead with duties that they do not know how to handle. All new workers must be properly trained on all the duties allocated to them. They need to be encouraged to seek as much guidance as possible on areas of a task that they do not seem to understand.

Unclean workplaces

Disorganized workplaces create all kind of hazards which can cause accidents. Cluttered items, sharp objects, and loose cables or spilled chemicals all set stage for accidents. A clean environment on the other hand boosts the morale of workers and enhances safety. Making it a habit to regularly post safety news and tips may encourage workers to keep their workstations clean.

Unnecessary haste

Being hasty when carrying out duties and not thinking about how they should be done is a sure recipe to accident. Failing to think through a task to the end is in itself a hazard. Therefore it is advisable to have a plan for the work before beginning it.


Failure to pay attention when carrying out tasks is another leading cause of workplace accidents. Things that are likely to causes distractions like loud music or television at workplaces should be done away with. Similarly, casual talks can also be avoided when handling sensitive duties.

Over – confidence

Even if a worker has done the same job for over twenty years, they still have to observe safety rules. Having confidence is not a bad thing, but too much of it can be dangerous. All instruction ought to be followed to the letter by all workers. A simple mistake can lead to the loss of a limb which is not the kind of safety news workers want to wake up to.

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