Floor Tape Helps Boost Safety In Auto Shop

Safety is always a concern when working with dangerous equipment and machinery, especially when it involves students in a training program. The auto repair shop at Portland Community College, located just south of Portland, Oregon, is not only a fully functioning auto repair shop, but also a training facility for students to earn a degree in auto repair. Recently, the shop had a complete floor renovation and needed a way to increase safety and improve efficiency on all levels within the shop.

We want our students to see what the industry standard for safety is, not only here, but also what to expect when they go to work.

-Russ Jones, instructor and department chair for PCC

SafetyTac Floor Tape
Entrance to PCC auto shop with new floor tape from Creative Safety Supply

Floor Tape To The Rescue

The shop at PCC is big and with the amount of people coming in and out everyday, having clearly marked floors was going to be key to the shop’s safety. To help with their big project the shop turned to a local visual safety expert for advice.

Creative Safety Supply is a global leader in visual safety products and was excited to have an opportunity to help out a local college in their efforts to promote safety. Their SafetyTac Floor Tape line is the top rated industrial floor tape on the market and was perfect for PCC’s vision.

We were honored to have the opportunity to increase safety and educate the PCC staff on visual safety while helping them through the process step by step.

-Brandon Nys, Creative Safety Supply

The Visual Workplace

The challenge for both PCC and Creative Safety Supply was taking a blank slate and turning it into the safest area possible for the students, staff and customers that come in and out. When you have multiple groups coming and going from your facility, you need a universal language to send your message. Turning your facility into a visual workplace is the perfect way to send a universal message and keep everyone safe.

Benefits To A Visual Workplace:

  • Creates an environment that is continuously promoting employee’s commitment to the organization’s culture, mission and values.
  • Presents key information through the use of sensory messages.
  • Provides a mechanism for consistent communication and information throughout your facility.
  • Customers feel more welcome, informed, and feel like they will be received in a proficient and professional manner.
  • Instantly improves the look and feel of a shop.
lifts-before SafetyTac Floor Tape
Before Floor Tape Install
lifts-post SafetyTac Floor Tape
After Floor Tape Install

To completely cover the shop’s floor with the SafetyTac Floor Tape took less than a day, but the impact will be felt for years to come. The staff and students were amazed with the results and could not be happier with the outcome.

I was really impressed at how well things stood out, were clearly marked and defined, it’s really making a big difference.

-Kim Kittinger, Instructor at PCC

It’s really clear now where to put things and where we are supposed to go, it makes me proud to come to work.

-Bart Ouchida, Instructor at PCC

Using floor tape over other methods of floor marking has quickly become the proffered method among industry leaders. The added value and available options makes it an easy choice for all your floor marking needs.

Benefits Of Floor Tape:

  • Installation: Floor tape requires no extra equipment to install.
  • Wait Time: Floor tape requires no dry time before being able to walk or drive over.
  • Durability: Floor tape is easy to clean, maintaining appearance and durability over long periods of time, even after heavy traffic.

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