Guest Post: High-Visibility Workwear

Keeping your employees, vendors and customers safe in a warehouse environment can be a challenge. Heavy equipment is handled every day and accidents can happen at any time. Employees safety training, supervising visitors and vendors, keeping a watchful eye on the warehouse can help limit injuries and accidents. Additionally, warehouse workwear can also help keep everyone safe on the job.

a4 apparel workwearEssential workhouse workwear is an easy way to enhance job safety. Safety vests increase visibility and prevent accidents. Flame resistant canvas cargo pants are a must in warehouses where open flames, welding, high temperature molding and other fire risk tasks are being performed. Chambray work shirts offer protection and durability and the opportunity to advertise your services with embroidered workwear for your business associates and staff. Gloves, rain gear, sweatshirts, hoods with shields, overalls and jackets are other smart ways to increase your employees safety and protect your most important asset.

Staying safe on the job requires vigilance and doing everything you can to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. Adding safety clothing as part of your dress code can help add a layer of protection that you can rely on. Visit us online or call today to discuss which essential warehouse workwear pieces are best suited for your needs.


A4 Apparel is one of the UK’s leading workwear suppliers. They also specialize in customizing high quality workwear and hi visibility clothing from major workwear brands like Dickies, Result, Kustom Kit, RTY Workwear, Regatta and many more. When searching for the right workwear, it can sometimes be a challenge to find exactly what you’re looking for, but with over 2500 products to choose from, A4 Apparel makes it easier than ever. Whether it’s workwear, safety wear, t-shirts, jackets, PPE (personal protection equipment), or corporate wear and uniforms, chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for at A4 Apparel.

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