LabelTac Vinyl Sign Printing Machine

Vinyl Sign Printing Has Never Been Easier

There are dozens, or even hundreds of different pieces of equipment used in most facilities on a daily basis. One of the most important, yet also most overlooked items is the industrial label maker.

While most people don’t think about label makers as being essential to operating a facility, they really are. When you have the right label printer, it can be used to improve safety, vinyl sign printing, make communication in the facility better, and even help with internal marketing or advertising campaigns.

The LabelTac 4 Pro

For many facilities, the LabelTac 4 PRO printer is the perfect choice to meet all their label printing needs. It is a durable option that can function well in just about any environment, and it is extremely easy to use. The following are some of the many key benefits your facility will enjoy when you have this printer:

  • Large Printing Options – You can print labels or signs that are big enough to be seen from a great distance. Single jobs can be up to 4’’ tall, but it is easy to combine multiple labels to create extra large signs too.
  • Quality Print Stock – You can use traditional label print stock, or use durable vinyl stock that will look great and last a long time both indoors and outside.
  • Easily Readable Labels and Signs – This printer has a 300 DPI resolution, which allows for clean, crisp lines for lettering or pictures.
  • Lifetime Support – All LabelTac printers come with a full lifetime warranty and support, so you know it will work great for as long as you have it.
  • Affordable Stock – The labels are all very affordable, and it is far cheaper to print your own labels than it would be to order them from a third party printer.

Depending on what types of things you need to print, you’ll undoubtedly have many other things that you love about the LabelTac 4 PRO printer.

Vinyl Sign Printing Can Improve Safety

Vinyl Sign Printing Machine LabelingOne of the best things you can do with an industrial label printer is vinyl sign printing and create safety labels. In many cases, these types of safety labels (like the ones found here) are required by state or federal regulations. For example, OSHA requires that many chemical containers have specific labels on them that say what types of chemical is present, and what dangers it presents.

Some of the most common types of safety labels include:

  • Traffic Signs – Using printed labels for indoor vehicles so they know where they can and cannot drive.
  • Fall Hazards – Using a label to notify people when there is a risk of falling, such as when approaching a ledge.
  • Pipe Labeling – Labeling the pipes in your facility with what they contain and which direction they are flowing.
  • Warehouse Labeling – Marking where different items are stored within the warehouse, and also labeling the different aisles that contain different types of things.
  • Floor Signs – You can use vinyl labels to make floor signs that can alert people to potential hazards in the area. Since you can quickly print off a label, you can have custom made safety floor signs whenever they are needed.

Of course, there are many other areas in any facility that can use safety labels. Take some time to look around your facility and see how many places you can identify that could be made safer by using labels from a LabelTac 4 PRO printer.

Improved Communication

Improved CommunicationSafety labels are technically one form of communication, and indeed one of the most important forms. Vinyl sing printing, however, can help you to improve communication throughout the facility in many different ways.

Look at these examples of how you can use custom printed labels or signs to improve the communication within your facility:

  • Directions – You can print off signs that are placed throughout the facility to give people directions to key areas. Whether this is an evacuation route, telling people how to find a bathroom, or anything else, signs are get for telling people where to go.
  • Equipment Storage – Placing signs on or around equipment storage will help things to stay more organized. It also makes it so you don’t have to keep telling people where to put things, the signs will handle the communication for you.
  • Floor Markings – Many facilities like to use floor marking signs to let people know where they are. For example, placing a sign on the floor based on what machine area is being used can make it easier to know where you are, especially for new employees.
  • Scheduling – If you have a machine that operates on a schedule, make sure to put up a label or a sign telling people what that schedule is. This will be much faster and easier than having to ask each time or look it up on the computer.

Again, there will be many other ways you can come up with for improving the communication within your facility. Just look around at what types of things people need to know about, and ask yourself whether a printed label or sign can take care of this type of communication.

Internal Marketing

Another way that many facilities can use an industrial label printer like the LabelTac 4 PRO is by creating internal marketing items. These types of things bring many benefits to your facility, including team building and the ability to track items that belong in the facility.

One example of this is placing your company logo on any tools that you have within the facility. Whether it is a small logo on a hammer, or a large one on a hi-low, this will help clearly mark these items as belonging to the facility.

While employee theft of a hi-low may not be a big concern, there are often problems with theft of smaller tools and equipment, and having a simple logo can really serve to discourage this type of dishonest activity.

In addition to helping to reduce the chances of employee theft, it can also help to build up a good sense of team. When people see their logo all over, they will know that the company is proud of what types of products or services they are providing.

When a company takes pride in the work that is done, the employees are more likely to have pride in their job too. Of course, there are many other factors that can go into this type of thing, but since this would cost very little and provide a nice benefit, it just makes sense to do.

You can also come up with other ways to use signs and labels to help promote the company image and build pride in the business. Get creative with how you use the LabelTac printer and you’ll quickly start seeing things changing for the better.

An Easy Investment

Vinyl-Sign-Printing-Machine-Saves-moneyNo matter what types of things you can come up with regarding how you will use an industrial label printer, it is easy to see just how useful they can be. In addition, since these label printers are quite inexpensive, they are a smart investment.


Over time, you’ll actually save money since each label you print will be far cheaper than if you would have had to order them from a third party printer.

The bottom line is, every facility should look into getting a high quality LabelTac 4 PRO printer for their company. It will allow them to have access to any type of labeling or sign that they need both today, and long into the future.


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