In 2012, 4,628 workers were killed on the job. While this number was the second lowest since a comprehensive count of fatal workplace injuries began in 1992, this still means about a dozen workers die at work every day. OSHA strives to reduce these numbers and the number of other workplace injuries and accidents as much as possible.

The organization’s 2,200 inspectors (that number includes employees of both the federal OSHA and state-run programs) oversee 8 million worksites in the United States: a big task. To learn more facts about OSHA and its work, visit the organization’s Commonly Used Statistics Page.

For more statistics related to workplace accidents, illnesses and injuries, visit OSHA’s Statistics & Data Page.

Seeing the numbers can convince many employers to invest more time and money in safety, so if your workplace could use safety improvements, consider doing some research about facts and statistics to show why safety is so important.