Safety Blog – Common Barriers To Implementing Workplace Safety Programs

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Assessing exactly where you are, is the starting point towards workplace safety improvement. Secondly, you may have to recognize the culture that exists in your company, sum of organizational practices and history. However, implementing new safety regulations is not always without opposing elements compromising quality. Remember, being safe can never be the core objective of an organization, but still a delicate balance must be struck.

Your organization need to keep risks as low as practicably possible, while at the same time staying in business. To achieve desirable safety standards, the information must be disseminated to all employees either through a safety blog or any other means. However, most organizations fail to deal with forces opposing safety measures – instead they easily give up on improving safety standards.

The following are some of the major barriers to workplace safety programs:

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Unless and until the management of your organization fully supports the safety programs, a safe workplace will remain a dream. Management’s support should be visible and continual while their commitment should be felt by every member of the organization. They can achieve or demonstrate the same by imposing difficult disciplinary actions on workers failing to adhere to set safety measures.


Workplace safety programs require a lot of investment in time and energy. However, according to a popular safety blog, time can remain a barrier to implementing any safety program. Enough time must be allowed to maintain an effective safety program even when a few things have to be sacrificed.


Lack of proper information on matters that surround safety e.g. consequences of injuries and accidents, is one of the major barriers to workplace safety. To improve level of safety, all staff members must be well informed. They should be made to understand the hazards they face in their line of duty and be constantly reminded of the dangers they face. You can also have your organization launch a safety blog where workers can access all the information they need on safety.

The Layout

The structure of your organization that includes location of offices can pose serious barriers to workplace safety improvement efforts. A standard approach to safety matters may not be possible where the organization is highly decentralized. Sometimes money spent in compensation claims and the social implications of accidents cannot be compared to the cost of shifting offices and workstations. Therefore, where necessary, relocations may be necessary to guarantee the safety of workers.

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