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Mobile applications helping to improve workplace safety

Yep, there’s an app for that.

The idea of implementing a safety plan that includes cell phones or tablet use might seem counterproductive, but with the increased technology available, users are finding more and more benefits. App stores are flooded with apps to help you plan your day, spread your social love, get your daily news, even swipe away flying fruit, but recently more and more apps are being released to help promote and help occupational safety.

The apps range in function and useability, but in general, aim to help safety professionals manage workplace accidents and illnesses. These new tools are quickly finding there way into progressive safety professionals workplace health and safety toolbox everywhere.

There is always some form of resistance to new technology or new methods, but when it comes to workplace safety, any way to improve the system should always be considered. Many of these apps are inexpensive, even free and range in developers. There are many that will simply have no benefit to your organization, but keeping an open mind is key when embracing a new idea or strategy.

Check out the following list of potential apps for your team:

  • OSHA Heat Safety ToolFREE– With this app workers and supervisors can calculate the heat index for their work site. The app then can display risk levels to outdoor workers and precautions to prevent heat illness.
  • Occupational Health and SafetyFREE– This app features the latest discussions, webinars, and topics from featured experts on the topics ranging from; occupational health, workplace safety, OH&S training and tutorials, social media discussions, and more.
  • iAuditor Safety Audit and Checklist-FREE– Conduct paperless workplace safety audits, pre-start checks and inspections. The app features 12,0000 inspection templates and just in the last year has had over 3 million safety inspections conducted within the app.
  • Fallproof ’12-FREE– This easy to use app allows workers to get a quick and accurate calculation of the required fall clearance based upon the equipment being used and the height of the anchoring point. Using the app will help determine the proper safety equipment needed for workers on the jobsite.
  • iFirstaidFREE for lite $2.99 for full version-Over 30 first aid topics, including  CPR, bleeding, burns, choking, drug overdose, bites, stings, and more. It’s quick and easy to use platform provides important information when you need it most and is age specific.
  • Fatigue Calculator– This app allows you to forecast the likelihood of fatigue over a 24-hour period based on prior sleep wake algorithm. When used before a shift, the app will forecast an individual’s fatigue score for their entire shift and commute home. Note, this app may require additional fees for username and password to log information.
  • ChemAlertFREE for trial version $3.99 for full– Provides chemical safety management information including hazards and GHS classifications, risk and safety phrases, first aid information, and recommended personal protective equipment. 100 products available in demo or over 100,000 in full.
  • Breach Report- FREE– Designed to help you quickly record compliance or procedural breaches whenever you become aware of them and email the report to whoever.
  • JSA- FREE for app, $4.99 for full features within app– Create paperless job safety analysis efficiently with pre-filled options or create your own. Take photos of hazards and risks. Built in risk matrix to enable concentration for calculating risk. GPS tagging for each and every JSA.
  • WISERFREE– (Wireless Information for Emergency Responders) This app is designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents.  Extracts content form TOXNET’s hazardous substances databank and places that information into the hands of those who need it most.
  • iConstructSafe- FREE– Provide a collection of 2-3 minute safety reminder videos for the construction professional’s use at the job with no wifi needed. The videos vary from power, hand, air, gas, and other powered tools. It includes videos on PPE, preventing falls, ergonomics, and more.

Not all of these apps are going to be applicable towards your procedures and safety goals. As the popularity spreads and technology improves, more and more apps will sure to become available. Again, keep and open mind when considering the use of a mobile app for your safety needs and don’t be afraid to try one out to see what benefits it might have to offer you.

We invite you to comment below if you have used an app that has helped your team become more efficient in workplace safety.

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