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Ergodyne Tool Backpack Ideal for Working at Heights

Tool Safety, Tool Storage
Tool Safety, Tool Storage
Tool Safety, Tool Storage


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The Ergodyne Arsenal 5843 Tool Backpack offers many storage compartments and can be easily carried or hoisted to upper levels, making it ideal for employees who work at heights.

PostedOctober 20, 2014 by

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Working at heights can be dangerous. When you’re high above the ground—or even only a few feet up—it’s easy for accidents to occur. OSHA cites many companies for fall protection violations every year, and it’s important for employers to implement fall protection plans that incorporate railings, hole coverings and personal fall arrest systems.

Ladders are another common fall hazard in the workplace. Workers may not think ladders are that dangerous, but if a user doesn’t maintain three points of contact with a ladder (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand), accidents can happen. So what should you do when you need to climb a ladder, but need to take your tools with you? OSHA, the CDC and other organizations concerned with workplace safety make it clear carrying tools while climbing a ladder is a bad idea.

Ergodyne, a Minnesota-based company that makes gear for the workplace, recently developed a new tool backpack ideal for workers in many industries who use ladders or work at heights. The Arsenal 5843 Tool Backpack’s many storage components could help workers in construction, mining, oil and gas production, telecommunications and many other work environments. Its unique features also make it stand out from other tool storage and organizing solutions.

More Than a Tool Storage Solution

The Arsenal 5843 Backpack offers plenty of storage space for everything from wrenches to tape measures. The backpack has two main compartments that have 26 pockets inside. The pack also has seven additional exterior pockets and a tool holster so large tools (greater than 18 inches in length) that won’t fit inside the bag can be strapped on the side.

Arsenal, Tool Storage

Photo: Ergodyne

This backpack has extra padding on the back and shoulder straps to make wearing the bag while climbing easy. It also has plastic bases so the backpack can be set on the ground or another surface.

One of the features that makes this backpack most unique is the fact that it’s also designed for hoisting. The Arsenal 5843 has received third-party certification for hoisting up to 50 pounds. The pack has ring attachment points that can be used with carabiners and other connectors. By hoisting the backpack to the level you’ll be working on, you can climb unencumbered.

Reduce Hazards in the Workplace

Climbing or moving around the worksite while holding tools can obviously be dangerous, and using a tool storage and transport alternative like Ergodyne’s tool backpack can reduce those hazards. Transporting tools in a backpack can also reduce the risk of falling tools, especially at construction worksites. When workers store tools in secure backpacks like this one, those tools will be less likely to be left in places where they could get bumped or kicked and fall to lower levels. Consequently, a storage solution like this one can increase both organization and safety.

For workplaces that need additional methods for raising and lowering tools and materials greater than 50 pounds, Ergodyne also offers hoist buckets that can handle up to 150 pounds. These and the new tool backpack can be found at Ergodyne’s website.

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