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Pure Hold Hygiene Handle Reduces Spread of Germs in the Workplace

Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer
Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer
Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer


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The Hygiene Handle is simple to use, increases compliance with hand hygiene policies and reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses.


When workers are carrying something, they may not want hand sanitizer upon opening a door. The Hygiene Handle model with a "no gel" option would be better for these situations.

Bottom Line

Pure Hold’s Hygiene Handle dispenses hand sanitizer whenever someone pulls open a door, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer

Photo: Pure Hold

Enforcing personal hygiene practices in the workplace can be challenging. You can’t exactly police restrooms and kitchens to make sure workers wash their hands properly. But if you are part of an industry whose functionality depends on cleanliness such as health care, food processing or manufacturing involving cleanrooms, poor hygiene can become a real problem, potentially for your bottom line.

The spread of germs can cause problems in any work environment, really, since illness can spread quickly through your workforce during cold and flu season when people don’t wash bacteria and viruses off their hands. Employees will end up calling in sick, or worse, they’ll come to work sick and spread their illness even further.

To tackle the problem of lax personal hygiene, one company in the United Kingdom has come up with a method for reducing the transmission of germs through the workplace. Pure Hold Ltd. developed the Hygiene Handle, initially for use in hospitals. This device is a door handle that dispenses anti-bacterial gel whenever someone pulls the it, reducing the amount of germs passed between hands and door handles.

A Simple Idea, An Effective Solution

The idea behind the Hygiene Handle is not complex, but it manages to reduce germs and raise awareness about hand cleanliness at the same time.

Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer

Photo: Pure Hold

The device is mounted on a door using simple hardware and existing door mountings, and hand-sanitizing gel is stored above the handle. When someone grabs the handle, a dispenser automatically applies gel to the user’s hand, and it does so evenly. This prompts the person to rub his or her hands together, killing any germs the user may have picked up.

The storage capacity of the handle is pretty significant, and when the gel does run out, it can easily be replaced with a new gel refill.

Models that have two handles—one with gel and one without—are also available, so people carrying objects or wearing gloves can bypass the gel dispenser. Hygiene Handle models can also be installed in restrooms where many people often skip hand washing or don’t wash their hands long enough to kill bacteria and viruses (proper hand washing requires at least 20 seconds of scrubbing the hands with soap).

Thus far, the Hygiene Handle has been well received across the United Kingdom. Independent tests have shown that these alternative door handles are 98.5 percent cleaner than the average door handle. Trials have also found that hospital hand-hygiene standard compliance rates increased 700 percent when Pure Hold’s handles were installed.

Additionally, the handles seem to raise awareness about hand hygiene in general. People don’t need to make a conscious decision to clean their handles when they grab a Hygiene Handle, but doing so might make them think about the importance of keeping hands clean.

Personal Hygiene, Hand Sanitizer

Photo: Pure Hold

Personal Hygiene Simplified

Tackling personal hygiene can be difficult for an employer, but a solution like the Hygiene Handle is a concrete way to address this problem in any facility. Workplaces can install a device like this one and not worry as much about bacteria and viruses spreading. All they need to do is refill the gel dispensers periodically.

According to Pure Hold:

Dirty hands can routinely contaminate door handles and vice versa, spreading germs quickly. To reduce germ transmission effectively, hands and the door handles they touch, must both be cleaned at the same time. The Hygiene Handle achieves this in one elegant, effective design; and makes cleaning your hands effortless.

You can learn more about Pure Hold’s products at the company’s website.

To help increase hand washing in your workplace, you can also install visual reminders near sinks and sanitizing gel dispensers.

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