Safety Supplies Every Company Needs For Their Workers

Safety at workplace is very important for both the management and employees of a company. Procuring of proper and adequate workplace safety supplies is therefore a worthy investment that every employer needs to consider. Even with the right policies and rules, provision of adequate safety supplies still remains one of the best ways to minimize workplace injuries.

The type of safety equipment needed in a company will greatly depend on the job. Here is how some of the most common protective wears are meant to help.

Work Gloves

Work safety gloves are perhaps one of the most common safety supplies. There are different types of such gloves including, industrial work gloves, rubber gloves and Kevlar gloves. These gloves are designed to protect workers from sustaining hand injuries and/or absorbing harmful chemicals into the bodies.

Protective clothing

This kind of clothing are meant for workers who face potential hazards in the line of their duties. Protective clothing are made from tough fabric to provide protective against grease, asbestos, open flames, chemical splashes etc.

Body harness

Full body harnesses are used by both workers and those participating in leisure activities like mountain or rock climbing. They offer protection against falling from unsafe heights and are the lifeline of most construction workers. Harnesses are basically a series of straps, made from different materials, and buckles. They are adjustable to fit different users; however some may have weight restrictions.

Hearing protection

When workers are exposed to constant noise they may develop hearing problems and therefore providing them with hearing protections is necessary. In this regard, this type of safety supplies is common with industrial workers in very noisy environments.


When using noxious gases like solvents, it is important that a worker protects their eyes, skin and lungs. A good respirator is a sure way to guarantee improved work conditions and make work-time more enjoyable. The common types of respirators are particle respirators, gas or vapor respirators and combination respirators.

Safety eyewear

These offer protection to the eyes against debris, infectious materials and particles. Safety eyewear are of different types which include goggles, glasses, face shield and visors. The kind of eye protection to go for depends upon the kind of working environment or the type of job.

Hard hats

Hard hats are essential for all workers exposed to falling debris e.g. during construction. Some of the hats are also made to offer protection against electric shocks, bumps and burns on the job.

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