Safety Supplies No Workplace Should Be Without

Let’s face it, accidents happen in the workplace. However, if your employees are aware and well-prepared for the possibility of an accident, they can be much more manageable to deal with. There are a couple key things you can do in order to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your employees during work hours. These tips may be especially helpful to those of us working in warehouses or on construction sites. So take a look at some of the tips below to get a head start on workplace safety.

Warning Sign Electrical PanelAfter speaking with your employees about the potential risks involved in your workplace and stressing the importance of being aware, you’ll want to properly label as well as hang signs in areas that require an alert.

Make sure these signs are strategically placed for optimum visibility, and try and go for large and bright signs that are easily spotted. Labeling is also essential, especially for items such as first aid kits and spill kit guides. In the time of an actual accident, it is crucial for fellow employees to spot these kits quickly in order to ensure proper care and action is taken immediately.

First aid kits are a definite necessity in any and all workplace areas. Before labeling these kits, make sure it is a complete and full serving first aid kit. In the time of an emergency you’ll want to make sure the tools that are necessary for immediate care are readily available, as often times it can save lives. A great first aid kit will supply you with everything you need for small accidents such as scrapes, cuts and burns, to more serious issues which would require CPR or a defibrillator machine. Employees who handle harsh and dangerous chemicals may also require a spill kit.

Spill-Kit-Creative-Safety-SupplyAccidental chemical, fuel and other fluid spills put employees at risk for some serious injuries. Preparing your employees by having them review a spill kit guide will greatly decrease the chance of any detrimental wounds, as well as prevent any fines or costs your company might face in the event of an unprepared and ill-equipped situation.

You may also benefit from providing an eye wash station for employees handling harsh chemicals. An ANSI approved eye wash station will provide 15 minutes of uninterrupted flow in order to properly rinse out any dangerous chemicals that have entered the eyes.

spill-kit-guideThese are just a few of the necessary precautions needed for any workplace to remain safe. Remember, being diligent in making all employees aware and well-prepared of any potential dangers that could occur in the workplace is crucial to maintaining a proper work environment.

Suitable and accurate signage and labeling will give employees adequate time to properly assess any situation and take the necessary steps in order to avoid a catastrophe. Replace spill kits as needed, keep first aid kits well stocked, and complete weekly first aid kit inspections to ensure your kit is well-equipped with all updated and proper supplies and labeled with proper first aid symbols. Taking these precautions will ensure the safety and well-being off all your employees on the job.

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