5 Emergency Planning & Response Apps

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New technologies continue to improve safety in the workplace, and many smartphone and tablet appsĀ can increase safety by helping employees lift more safely, use ladders properly and take proper precautions in the heat. Safety managers and supervisors also have access to appsĀ that can assess workplace hazards and provide information about OSHA or NFPA requirements. Additional

Reducing the Risks of Serious Injury in the Workplace

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The following is a guest post by Steve McLeod of Fire and Safety Australia about reducing injuries in the workplace. Fire and Safety Australia is Australia’s leading provider of National Fire and Safety Training. Their purpose is “to forever change safety in the world, one experience at a time.” Workplace injuries are often tragic for

Is Your Organization Ready When Disaster Strikes?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen. When disaster strikes, consumers can only wait so long before moving on to another supplier or service provider if you are not able to get operational in time. Insurance might help to recover some of your loses,