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The Classifications of Forklifts

Forklift Classifications

2 min read Deciding your warehouse or manufacturing facility needs to purchase a new forklift is only the first step. OSHA has identified and classified seven different types of powered industrial vehicles giving you a number of options to choose from depending on your organizations needs and applications. The recognized seven classifications are as follows: So, what does … Read more

Labeling Powered Industrial Trucks—1910.178

Powered Industrial Trucks

4 min read Safety of Powered Industrial Trucks No matter what type of facility you’re operating in, the chances are good that there will be a variety of different powered industrial trucks that are being used. This could be anything from a small fork lift inside a warehouse to a large dump truck at a construction site. Despite … Read more

Traffic Management in the Warehouse


3 min read As a safety manager, you are responsible for the safety of everyone in your warehouse: workers and visitors, vehicle drivers and pedestrians. You can train some of these people, but others you can’t. Consequently, it’s imperative you properly direct traffic in your warehouse so everyone can move safely through the space to accomplish their tasks. … Read more