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Top 10 OSHA Violations in 2013

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3 min read Yet again, fall protection was the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) number one cited workplace safety violation in 2013. The recent release was no surprise as the top 10 have generally stayed the same over the years with a little jockeying back and forth in certain spots, but what was a surprise was the … Read more

June Welcomes National Safety Month

3 min read It’s June again, this could only mean one thing! That’s right, it’s the National Safety Council’s annual National Safety Month. This year is especially significant in that it also marks the 100th year of the NSC. The annual event is designed  to educate and influence behaviors around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. This … Read more

Safety News For All Road Users

2 min read Roads are a very important aspects of development. They facilitate transportation from one place to another. The use of roads dates back to the 3rd century when ancient civilization used specific paths to get to a certain destination. You should bear in mind that the term roads refer to any specific route that is used … Read more

Industrial Safety Products For A Healthy Working Environment

2 min read You should note that safety comes first in any working environment. The potential danger varies from one place to another and that is why there is need to utilize different safety products to protect you in different working environments. There is great need for any organization to implement safety precautions and procedure if they intend … Read more

Important Safety products To Protect Different Body Parts

2 min read As much as one wants to be careful, there are very many hazards that just can be avoided and therefore require the use of safety products and supplies. The best way to ensure that you stay safe is enlightening yourself and filling your brain with valuable knowledge that you can acquire from safety news and … Read more

Ensuring Protection By Acquiring Quality Safety Products

2 min read It’s very important to ensure that you get the best quality of when it comes to buying safety products. This will ensure that you get complete and maximum protection that will enable you to work effectively in any area. There are a wide variety of products and protective equipments that are produced by various manufactures … Read more

Examining Common Causes Of workplace Accidents – Avoiding Bad Safety News

2 min read Understanding why workplace accidents take place is the first step towards preventing them. It is interesting to note that unsafe practices cause four times more accidents than unsafe work environments. Below are some of the reasons that may make receiving bad safety news a common thing in your organization. Ignoring Safety Procedures Safety rules are … Read more

Safety Supplies – Ways To Ensure A Safe Working Environment

2 min read A safe workplace does not just occur, but results from a deliberate attempt by the management and employees of an organization to guarantee safety. This must be done through developing safety policies and providing the necessary safety supplies. To keep your employees safe and productive, below are some of the tips that will be of … Read more

Safety Supplies Every Company Needs For Their Workers

2 min read Safety at workplace is very important for both the management and employees of a company. Procuring of proper and adequate workplace safety supplies is therefore a worthy investment that every employer needs to consider. Even with the right policies and rules, provision of adequate safety supplies still remains one of the best ways to minimize … Read more

Important Safety Products For The Construction Industry

2 min read Workers need to work in a in a safe environment where they are exposed to minimal risk to health and well being. On-the-job accidents have the potential of causing serious injuries and even deaths, in extreme cases. Construction organizations therefore need to combine safety trainings, policies and rules with enough supply of safety products. The … Read more