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CleanRoom Safety 101

4 min read Scientific research facilities and certain manufacturing plants use CleanRooms to safeguard products or specimens against environmental contamination. Maintenance personal need to keep temperatures and air purity at consistent levels. A CleanRoom is designed to seal out various contaminants, including dust particles, microbes, mold spores and chemical vapors. Working safely in a CleanRoom requires specific procedural … Read more

An Employers Look into Transportation Safety

5 min read According to the Centers for Disease Control, no single aspect the work day could be more dangerous for the average employee than driving. Beating out injuries related to slips and falls, and homicide, the largest percentage of work-related fatalities came from individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. “Roadway crashes,” they say, “led all other causes, making … Read more

A Comprehensive Look at Construction Safety

4 min read Every time you step onto a construction site, there are countless hazards that you can come across in just a matter of seconds. That is why construction safety is not something that should be taken without serious diligence and precaution. Whether you are working on a commercial or residential site, or if you are working … Read more

Is it Important to Invest in a Safety Manager?

4 min read When most people think of a safety manager, they visualize a large manufacturing facility with hundreds of workers and tons of equipment. However, safety hazards are just as likely in a smaller company or even within an office environment. When a company is operating on a shoe string budget or is just starting up, investing … Read more

Guest Post: Recovering From Workplace Injuries

Workman with a back injury grimacing and clutching his lower back with his hand isolated on white

2 min read How to increase strength and mobility safely If you’ve ever suffered a painful injury at work, you’re not alone. Injuries occurring at the workplace are more common than you might think, and are not restricted to stuntmen and other daredevils. According to data compiled by Safe Work Australia in 2010, 40% of situations where compensation … Read more

Where Did OSHA Go Wrong with Online Filings?

3 min read When OSHA announced that they would begin accepting online filings for claims, virtually everyone thought this would be an excellent idea. Harnessing the power and speed of computers to streamline the process was expected to be a huge benefit, and the fact that you could file from just about anywhere made it easier for many … Read more

‘Tis the Season–to Catch the Flu

Working during flu epidemy

3 min read It’s that time of year again. No, not the last minute shopping, wrapping and list checking, but the aches, pains,  coughing, and nausea induced flu season that haunts us, year in and year out. It can come at a moments notice. Just ask the folks I work with. Last week we had a construction team … Read more

Holiday Decorating Injuries On The Rise

holiday scene

3 min read It’s that time of year again where we dust off the big tupperware full of holiday decorations and try to passionately out decorate our neighbors with  brighter lights and more plastic reindeer than one should ever own. Unfortunately, the joy of holiday decorating also comes with a bit of danger and the numbers are continuing … Read more

Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Day background with maple leaves

5 min read For many families across America, Thanksgiving dinner is the most important meal of the year. You have family and friends over that you may or may not see throughout the rest of the year with the hope that you put out the best meal they’ve had since last year. However, as the chaos and football … Read more