Welcome To The SAFETY BLOG NEWS Training Page

Finding the right training material can be a difficult task. We’ve searched out the best training materials we could find to help you with your quest to become an more informed, safer and compliant organization. The material posted on this site was produced as a result of the Susan Harwood Training program and is solely for the purpose of promoting safety and health in the workplace.

Combustible Dust

Any form of combustible material can ignite and burn quickly when shredded into the right form. Once turned to a dust form and if suspended in the air at the right concentration, under specific conditions, it can lead to an explosive situation. Many items that are not explosive in a larger size, can be explosive in the form of dust. This is an important topic to understand and be aware of if your occupation requires you to be around combustible dust.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is full of hazards and potential risks. Our construction safety training page is full of materials ranging from fall protection to the basic health and safety know how.

Electrical Safety

Electricity has been known to be a major workplace hazard for a long time. The right training and information can make a major difference in preventing serious injury or death. Our training page offers materials on Arc Flash and various other electrical topics to educate and train yourself on electrical safety.

Hazard Communication

Hazard communication is extremely important in the workplace. The Hazard Communication Standard is now aligned with the Globally Harmonized System and it is important to know the differences and be prepared for the changeover. The Hazard Communication page as several training materials to get you up to speed.