Why is HazCom important?

HazCom training is an important part of a workplace’s overall safety efforts. Providing employees with training that is specifically for HazCom will help them to understand the various standards that are used throughout many industries. This will help ensure new employees, contractors, and visitors to a facility are able to conduct themselves safely. It will also help to prevent misunderstandings, miscommunications, and other problems that can cause accidents and injuries.

Hazcom compliant labelImproving Workplace Safety

The most important reason why HazCom training is important is because it is a proven way to improve workplace safety. This type of communication helps to ensure everyone is able to understand what types of chemicals are being used, what dangers are associated with them, and how to use them safely. Chemicals represent a very serious danger in many environments, so having everyone armed with this type of knowledge will significantly reduce the risk of an issue.

Avoiding OSHA Violations

OSHA issues thousands of violations each year to companies throughout the country. These citations can come with serious penalties, including financial penalties that can cost a business thousands of dollars. Violations related to HazCom are actually the second most commonly issued citation, which is one reason why HazCom training is so important. If a company is found to have willfully violated HazCom standards they can be issued a fine of up to $132,598 for each instance!

Affordable Training Options

When a company is looking to improve workplace safety, they will typically have a limited budget with which to work. HazCom training is typically very affordable, and easy to implement for most facilities. Once the training provider, or safety manager, is up to speed on the requirements for HazCom they can begin offering it as part of an overall training program. HazCom training is often made even easier and more affordable by the fact that it has so much in common with GHS. Many employees will already be familiar with the global standard, and learning HazCom is made simple. Safety in the workplace is just as important as performing other duties, so it makes sense to provide this training to all new and existing employees as soon as possible.

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