Work Gloves 101

Work Gloves And Your Hands – Part 1
Choosing the right work glove is extremely important because different gloves serve the owner in different ways. Whether you need protection from rough services, hot surfaces, sharp surfaces, punctures or even caustic chemicals, you need the right glove for the right protection.

We would like to present you with some great information and insight from a company called Superior Glove Works. They manufacture over 2500 styles so we will not cover everything, but this should give you a good sense and overview of the right kind of glove and protection for your specific need.

Dyneema 101

Learn more about what makes Dyneema® the worlds strongest fibre.

Kevlar 101

Learn more about Kevlar® fiber and its superior cut protection and high-temperature resistance.

Cut Resistance 101

Cut Resistance
Learn more about the science of cut protection.

Laundering 101

Learn how to launder your gloves and save money.


Composite Yarns
Learn how composite yarns allow for higher levels of cut resistance.

Glove Linings 101

Superior Glove Linings
Learn more about the lining that keeps you warm.

Chemical Resistance 101

Chemical Resistance
Learn more about the benefit of coating materials like Natural rubber, Synethetic rubber, and Plastics.

Latex Allergies 101

Latex Allergies
Learn more about the types of allergy reactions and how it they can be avoided.

Glove Patterns 101

Learn more about the basic glove patterns.

Cuff Styles 101

Glove Patterns
Learn about cuff styles and materials.

Leather 101

Learn more about leather types and leather cuts.

Sizing 101

Proper glove sizing and fit can avoid a potential work-place hazard.

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